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Master The Art Of Affiliate Marketing With These 5 Tips


Master The Art Of Affiliate Marketing With These 5 Tips 

Master The Art Of Affiliate Marketing With These 5 Tips

many people doing this type of business and earning money. But many of the people do not know about Affiliate Marketing even they never listen about Affiliate Marketing What Is? Are you also from one of them? If yes! then no problem, after reading this article you may enough knowledge about Affiliate Marketing What Is and how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

Definition Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is a way by which you promote and sell other companies' products and earn money as a commission for each product.

You can do Affiliate Marketing as Passive Income by just promoting products. 

I know you are forwarding many links or fake messages on your Facebook or Whatsapp and never make single money. But if you promote any companies product on Facebook or Whatsapp or both means you are doing Affiliate Marketing it's chance you to make money with it. 

How Affiliate Marketing work

If you want to know How Affiliate Marketing work I am going to tell you a scenario

Suppose are planning to buy a handset online with the brand ABC on the online site XYZ. You buy ABC Handset on the XYZ site and you feel this handset is awesome. After some days your one of the friends also wants to buy a handset and he discusses with you about a handset then it's a 95% chance that you will be recommended the same brand handset. You are indirectly promoting that product. Are you getting money for your effort? 

You already know its answer, it's no. But if you know about Affiliate Marketing, you could earn money while directly or indirectly promoting any products. 

To become an Affiliate Marketer you need to signup with any selling website's Affiliate Program and choose what type of product you can sell e.g. You can choose an electric gadget (e.g. Mobile, TV, AC, etc.) Furniture, Home decoration product, etc. and many other products according to your interest which type of product you can sell. Amazon and Flipkart are the two best websites for Affiliate Marketing because these are trustworthy sites and there are several users of this e-commerce site in the world. So I recommended Amazon and Flipkart if you are planning to do Affiliate Marketing of an E-Commerce site. 

There are many other options for Affiliate Marketing you just need to know which types of products you can sell online. 

In short, if you want to earn Passive Income or to participate in Affiliate Marketing you need to follow the below steps

  • You need to join an Affiliate Marketing program
  • Choose which types of product you can promote or sell
  • You need a unique link for each product
  • Now you need to share this link on your Blog, Social Media, or your Website
  • Check your account, your account will be credited with some commission if someone bought with your link.

How much commission will I get by Affiliate Marketing

The commission varies it's depending on product types, products price, and location of selling but it is seen that it's not less than 5% and more than 50%. But some of the companies provide more than 50% commission. If you are promoting Classes or Events then you can earn more commission.

Why Become an Affiliate Marketer

There is much reason to be an Affiliate Marketer

No need for knowledge of Website SEOIf you have any website then you will know what is the value of SEOSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used for website ranking if you want to rank number 1 on your website then you need to know about SEO and the power of SEO, but for the Affiliate Marketing if you do not know about SEO then no problem your work will be processed.

  1. No need for any investment

If you are searching for a business with zero investment or no investment then it's for you. In Affiliate Marketing you need not any investment. Because companies want to sell their products and you can sell their products by your side. Many people earn enough money with Affiliate Marketing. 

2. Support

If you do not know how to do sell the product with the right person then you will get support with email, blog, and video. They will always ready to help you to grow with him. They will send to data with analytics so you can know which of products is trending in sell and which region is the top buyer of the products.

3. No time boundation

If you are doing any job then you will know what is time boundation. You have to give at least 8 hours and sometimes 10 to 15 hours to the companies yet you will be paid your normal monthly salary, while you should get extra money for your extra hour. 

If you are working as Affiliate Marketing then you have no time boundation you will be your own boss. No need to ask for any leave, No fear of job insecurity.

4. Work from home

If you are someone who searching for a business to Work from home then Affiliate Marketing is best for you. You can do this business even when you are cooking food in your kitchen.

Step by step know how to create an Affiliate Account


Now I am going to give you a demo of how to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Go to Google and search Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

After searching this click on the first link which will land to you on the Amazon Affiliate Program home page which will look like mentioned below in the image
amazon affiliate

Here you need to click on Sign up button, when you click on Sign up button you will go to the next page which is the signing up process here
how to create account on amazon

Here you need to create your account by entering your Name, Email id, and Password after entering it your account will create you will enter in the next step where you have to enter your address, your account number, and KYC document. After completing it you will be ready to do Affiliate any product.

you just need to complete this step

amazon affiliate

Now you are ready to do affiliate just copy any link and post on your Facebook, Website, Application, or any social media or any site where you think many users can buy from your link. 

Tips for Master the art of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Use social media to share the link

If you are beginning Affiliate Marketing then social media is best for you, you just need to copy the link and share it with your friends and family. because no one will believe in you in starting in you made a website for Affiliate Marketing apart from your friends and family. If they are satisfied then you need to start promoting in the group on social media relevant to you, but before posting any link read carefully the rule and policy of the group.

                                    Earn money from Facebook

2. Start comparing the products

If you are following the tips number 1 then start the tips number 2 now start comparing the products. Many of the sites are available on google like ProntoCnet reviews, etc. they are allowed to the user to compare the products. You can also answer the question on online sites like Quora and building trust with the user.

3. Make a YouTube channel

If you completed both the tips then you should start to create a YouTube channel where you need to post the videos daily of the comparing and review of the product. Never try to post a video on any fake product or never post such type of video on your YouTube channel which products you never use.

If you created your YouTube channel then your earning will be double by Affiliate Marketing as well as YouTube channel

4. Start Blogging


You completed your YouTube channel, now it's time to start blogging. You just need to write a beautiful post of the product which you want to sell through Affiliate

For example, if you want to if you are Affiliating the Apple product and want to earn money as commission if someone buys an Apple phone then start writing a beautiful post on I Phone and insert a link to the product., you will be shocked when your earning will be credit in your account. You will be paid 5 times more because you are doing three types of jobs with the same effort. The first one is you are doing Affiliate Marketing, the second one is you made your YouTube Channel and the third one is you started Blogging. In all three ways, you will get five times or more than 5 times money in your account.

                                    want to know about blog 

5. Make your Website

If you think you want to grow more than this then you should create your website. Now you had been known enough knowledge about how to sell. If you think you will do as same ( means you will do Affiliating ) then OK, keep it up, you can give some discount on your website to the customer by which they will come to your site and both ( you and customer) will be benefited. 

But if you think, you will start your product to sell on your website then it's great. You should do this with the best products of which products you know very well.


Now you know all about Affiliate Marketing and its benefits to you. It is the best and zero money investment business idea. You just need to give some time and effort in starting to earning but your earning will start, you will never turn back. 

There are many ways to earn money but Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money you will start earning money within 2 to 3 weeks. Never quite if your earning is not starting in starting because many of the people left this in the start and work hard.


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