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Earning money is not too hard as we know but it's not too easy as we think. If you want to earn money then you have to think as worst as you can but always you need to do right. If you are done any wrong things then it will harm you. World’s easiest way to earn money is to do a job and make money as your employer gives to you and becomes happy. But if you want to earn money you have to do something different, then only you will be rewarded.
So the problem is what will be you do then you will be rewarded or you earn the many then there are many ways to earn money. There are two types of people who earn money, the first one is salaried and the second one is self-employed. 
          SALARIED:  A person who does the job and earn money is coming into the salaried group.
          SELF-EMPLOYED:  A person who does work oneself rather than an employer comes in this group. This type of person earns money as much as he/she wants. 
          So you need to know where you are right now and in which category you want to come, either in the salaried category or self- employed category. If you are salaried then good if you are self-employed then very good. If you are actually want to earn money with zero money invest then you are in right place I'll discuss with you how can you earn money with no investment. So let's start,
        1. Affiliate Marketing:- This is one of my favorites, in Affiliate Marketing you need to sell products of E-Commerce sites, many E-commerce a site like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Offers for affiliate, you just need to go to its affiliate site and create a free account. Then these sites give you a unique link for each product to sell, if someone buys that's a product by your link then these companies will give you some commission.
        2. MAKE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL:- If you have the talent do any things properly then make a YouTube Channel and show the world your talent. YouTube will give your money for how much people watch your channel.
        3. INSURANCE AGENTS:- This is one of the best ways to earn money. If you have the talent to sell insurance products then this is the right place for you, Become an issuance agent and sell that's company's bond. For each bond, you sell the issuance company's rewards to you with money.
         4. FREELANCER:- If you have the talent to help some businessmen, companies, or students to make their PPT, PROJECTS, CV, etc. So you must become a freelancer, in freelancing you will not bond with how many hours you have to do work, where you will work, and what will be your lunchtime. You just need a laptop, a good internet connection, and the best communication skills to attract customers to you.
        5. BLOG WRITER: - If you are know how to write content then this place is best for you, you can become a blogger. To write a blog you need a website, the best site to write a blog is Google Blogger, Google Blogger is free, and if you are posting regularly on blogger then your site come in SEO soon and the ad will run on your site, and soon you can generate revenue.
        6. HOME TUTOR: - Teacher's always stood on top in society. So if you teach students, you will be respected by your friends, family, and society and you will be earning money by giving time as much as you want.
        7. BY PHOTO CLICKING:- If you have a good camera and you know how to take a good picture, then also you can earn money there are many websites on which you can upload your beautiful pictures and if someone buys your picture on that's a website then money will be a credit to your account.
        8. BECOME A CONSULTANT: - If you have a good knowledge of any things which you think everyone wants to know but they are not that's knowledge then you can also, become a consultant.
                    A person who helps another person to increase his financial status, business status, etc. is called consultant. There are many types of consultant in your state just you need to know how they work, take some knowledge and you can also become a consultant.
        9. BECOME A NEWS REPORTER: - You can also become a news reporter. If you travel anywhere regularly and you are interested in what is going in your society then by this you can also earn money, just write about what's happen daily bases in your locality and send this news to your news channel or your local newspaper office and in this way you will get money from where you send your news.
        10. SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLER:- If you use your social media and upload daily basis pics on there and in this way you can also earn money, just you have to find any businessman, company, or any person who want to engage with people but they have no time to engage with people, So they always try to find those people on which they can believe and who can manage their social media.

        You will not get paid in starting, you just need to give the time and be patient and post on regular basis apart from the Home tutor and Insurance agent. Many few times and many few people get paid in starting, people who stay here and post on regular basis will sure get paid after some time. 


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